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Katie Nelson

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Katie Nelson

Want to know more about the fit-out process?

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Providing the flexibility and specific capabilities our clients need is important to Kadans Science Partner. To create the optimal working environment for our clients, Kadans has extensive experience with fit-out projects from design and coordination to realising opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

Cat A+

Every floor of  every building developed by Kadans is delivered to Cat A+ standards. This means that the structural skeleton, necessary central facilities and the primary technical installations for elements such as heating, electricity, and ventilation are already in place as standard. Based on your lab and office design, any necessary installations are connected to these central facilities. The floors are virtually free of columns and can therefore be partitioned freely within a certain grid. This allows you, the client, to easily configure office and lab space and where labs will be located for projects during the fit-out design process.

Fit-out design

During the fit-out process, the desired layout and required utilities of the client are considered for the interior space available. The user’s primary processes and needs serve as the starting point, including technical facilities and other user-specific adjustments. Kadans designs and coordinates this lab and office fit-out, in close consultation with the client. Kadans also offers various workshops to support clients in designing their future site in the best possible way.




Workshops, final fit-out design, and investment

Designing lab and office fit-out is an intensive workshop-based process. The fit-out process results in a tailor-made spatial layout with bespoke technical facilities and involves three workshops:

During the first workshop, the layout for the office fit-out is designed. This involves looking at the division between labs and offices, sizes, interdependencies and occupancy, resulting in an indicative layout with lab and office furniture.

The second workshop focuses on the equipment level and desired utilities. This involves looking at the technical connections, numbers, and capacities. In addition, the spatial layout and design from the earlier workshop is fine-tuned.

After the fit-out design is ready in draft form, final adjustments are discussed and the layout and facilities are finalised. The final fit-out design is translated into an investment proposal, which may also be translated into an additional rent per m2 per year.


After agreement on the final fit-out design for lab and office space and the associated investment, the translation and engineering for realisation follow. Kadans coordinates the work of contracted parties and works closely with the client and suppliers across areas such as laboratory furnishings and interior building to ensure a high-quality fit-out.

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